On the Road to ‘Jesusland’

Last night, I read a fascinating Washington Post article entitled, Republicans want to turn the entire country into Oklahoma.

The article had such strong echoes of a Richard K Morgan novel I read years ago that I felt compelled to write this post. If you’re a Netflix junkie, you’ll recognize Morgan’s work from the mini-series Altered Carbon.

The novel in question, Back Man, paints a dark, dystopian portrait of a time in the future in which the United States of America is ‘United’ no longer, but has split into three  countries: the Coastal States, The Union, and ‘Jesusland’.

Morgan describes Jesusland as a Christian Theocracy so regressive and impoverished that its citizens yearn for a better life in the land of its prosperous, technologically-advanced neighbours. To so so, however, they have to cross a border wall purposely built to keep the ignorant, poorly-educated, technologically illiterate Jesuslanders out.


I’m certain you make the connections not only to The Post article, but also to current events in the U.S.

To an outsider, it’s impossible to imagine that the ideological schisms we observe in U.S. politics can ever truly be reconciled. Indeed, one can easily  envision a time when the next incarnation of “Build the Wall” will refer to the one dividing Red from Blue: Arizona from California; Oklahoma from Austin; Jesusland from a new, much different American Republic.